Plan what you want and go get it.

Photo courtesy Josiah George

A plan in life, will always make it possible for you to achieve your goals. The goals you have set in your life are checkpoints. The five-year plan is what everyone should keep in mind on a day to day basis. The plan can include your home, dream car, dream job and the net worth you’d like to have.

Making a plan for what is to come has to begin with what you want out of life. You may go through life trying to figure out everything, while still maintaining sanity. Everything that you want in life, will not be as easy as 1, 2, 3.  The time is now to start while you are still young and have more time to make a road to success.

The five-year plan will also help you avoid any unwanted trouble that can come your way.

You can start by making a dream board that has all of the things you would like to have by the end of your five years. Today’s generation has the tools and resources that can tell you the right and wrong way on how to perform a simple task. You need to realize that the world does not wait on you and it will always keep going.

Diamond Cox, health science major, emphasized the plan being beneficial now when she made them her freshman year.

“Making this plan has made me more focused and determined for the end result that I am trying to achieve. I have even gone so far to make me a backup plan in case I get off track with my original plan,” said Cox.

At the grads are back event during FAMU’s annual homecoming, guest speakers wished they had a plan that helped them avoid a lot of heinous mistakes.

Be a leader into the future you want and never accept what is brought to the table. Everything coming to you is not good for you in the long run. It is up to you to make a difference in your life because you are the one living with the decisions in the end.

How will you be ready for a test, if you never prepare for it?