Bra decorating promotes breast cancer awareness

Students decorate bras to promote breast cancer awareness. Photo by Sha’Tara Simmons

The Campus Activities Board along with Venom Dancers hosted a breast cancer awareness bra decoration event last Friday.

“This event consisted of men and women from around the campus to bring a bra and decorate it to donate,” said ZaKiah Miller-McFadden, a third year public relations major from West Palm Beach who serves as campus activities board chair. She is also co-captain of the Venom Dancers.

Miller-McFadden partnered with Mariah Shields, a fourth year animal science industry student from Chicago, and also the captain of Venom Dancers to host this event. They knew how it could make an impact on the student body.

“I’m always about getting involved on campus and doing things for a good cause,” Shields said. “Something that I will take away from this event would be the idea of people coming together for something bigger than themselves.”

This event focused on breast cancer awareness, but it was also a good bonding event between CAB, Venom Dancers and the student body.

Since this was a bra decorating event, you would expect the participants to be only females, but that wasn’t the case. Males also participated.

Jamal Carty, a junior political science major from Broward County, says he came to this event to stand in solidarity with black women because he knows breast cancer is a leading cause of death in the black community. He is also a member of Voices poetry group, an organization that receives a lot of requests to do theme poems and sometimes they may not have an experience drawn to write with a set theme.

Breast cancer is not talked about enough.  Ladies need to be more aware of making sure that they take care of their body. Regular self-exams should be a habit and mammograms should be scheduled annually, according to most medical experts.

Breast cancer should encourage everyone to want to know all they can and put whatever they can into research to try to assist in prevention and cures.

CAB and Venom Dancers gave the student body a way to show awareness about breast cancer with this bra-decorating event.

“I would take away from this event through tragedy and trauma solidarity can be reformed in order to move forward to heal,” Carty said.