Ms. Dee’s Kitchen brings soul and heart to Frenchtown

Daily Breakfast Menu. Photo courtesy Ms. Dee’s Kitchen

Ms. Dee’s Kitchen 51 is a new Southern-cuisine eatery in Frenchtown.

Owner Deborah Holton started cooking at age 15. Once she found her passion and the love for serving others, she knew what her purpose in life would be.

Holton started catering for other businesses and in 2011 she opened her first restaurant, Heavens Kitchen 51. Once she closed the doors of Heavens Kitchen 51, she continued to cater for local businesses in the community. In March she opened Ms. Dee’s Kitchen 51.

Customers have followed her around for the past 30 years in support of her business and famous cooking. Frequent customer and FAMU student Kenidee Webster said she enjoys visiting the restaurant.

“My first visit I was wowed. It is soulful, and it is like you are in your mom’s kitchen. My favorite meal is the turkey wings. It tastes 10 out of 10 and it puts me right to sleep.”

Daily menu. Photo courtesy Miss Dee’s Kitchen

Webster admitted that at first, she hesitated to visit because so many restaurants close their doors shortly after opening.  However, after visiting the restaurant and experiencing the customer service, affordable food and great portions she knew this place will stay for the long run.

What makes Ms. Dee’s Kitchen different from other is the home-style cooking and the love she puts into the food — not to mention the people who visit.

“We believe in helping the community, we feed the people that walk off the street. If you need prayer, we pray for you, we give you words of encouragement, we greet you with a great smile and we pour hearts into what we do,” she said.

Holton is always helping those who come off the street looking for food and care. When you walk into Ms. Dee’s Kitchen you will always be greeted with welcoming customer service.

Employee and family member Freontae Maynor believes that people should come to Ms. Dee’s Kitchen “because it is soul.”

“She has a heart, she gets up at 5 a.m., she prays over the food, she believes in getting to know customers and their names and offers more than just food,” Maynor said.

Next year, Holton wants to provide meals for families for the holidays. In November, she and her church will be hosting a coat giveaway in Frenchtown.

“I want the community to know if you cannot go anywhere else, you can come to Ms. Dee and we are going to be able to help you in the direction that you need to go.”