FAMU student creates organic skincare products

Yarí Beauty & Skincare Bar. Photo provided by Yarí Beauty & Skincare

Florida A&M University psychology student Andrea Cintron has tapped into her passion to create a skincare business.

The Orlando native established her business, Yarí Beauty & Skincare, on July 20. Her business offers organic hand-crafted soap bars for her customers.

“We provide the best quality products that enhance and contribute to healthy skin and body using natural ingredients and herbal extracts to uplift and empower women all around the world, encouraging both inner and outer beauty,” Cintron said.

In high school, Cintron found her love for skin care. While she was a color guard at Lake Howell High School she enjoyed experimenting with her classmates’ faces.

“I’ve always really been into skincare,” said Cintron. “After I did research and knew what I wanted to do, it came to me naturally.”

To prepare organic hand-crafted products, Santron orders certain ingredients and herbs that are beneficial for the body such as poppy seeds, which are an antibacterial for her customized yoni bars.

“I usually use specific brands just because I know what goes behind them and if they’re organic or not organic,” she said.

Cintron started as a one-woman band selling only to family and friends. Once she began to promote her products via social media, she moved forward with adding someone to her team with the expansion of her business.

FAMU senior pre-physical therapy student Joseph Steward works alongside Cintron and acknowledges her products as the result of a true passion.

“She has a passion for skincare and beauty overall. It helps her to cultivate and build this business,” said Steward.

Yarí Beauty & Skincare supplies are organic hand-crafted soaps and body washes. Turmeric face bars, honey almond sensitive skin bars, yoni bars, and body shimmer mini bars are a few of Cintron’s products.

Maria Raez, a student at Valencia College, is one of Cintron’s loyal customers and enjoys using her organic soaps.

“I tried out some of her bars and I really enjoyed them,” said Raez. “My favorite would have to be the shimmer minibars.”

As far as distribution, her products are sold both in Tallahassee and Orlando. With about 70 bars sold throughout the last few months, Cintron aspires to branch out to create many more products and plans to sell them internationally.

You can catch her at The Set on FAMU’s campus selling her bars every Friday.