Ariel’s Ice Cream adds to Midtown offerings

The Monthly Flavors Filled with All-Time Favorite Ice Cream Toppings. Photo by Loren Lyons

Sweet, yummy flavors are what you experience when you visit Ariel’s Ice Cream. The new shop on Thomasville Road in Midtown offers a variety of strong flavors that are mixed with all-time favorite ice cream toppings.

The ice cream shop opened earlier this month and is making an impression in the community.

“I wanted to do something that was incorporated with Good Berry and I like ice cream. I wanted to make fun flavors, which I think we do not have here in Tallahassee,” said Sonnino.

What makes them stand out are their creative flavors filled with unique combinations of ice cream toppings. Each month the flavors change based upon her and the customers’ favorites. They also offer ice cream for vegans. Some of the most popular flavors are the Cookie Monster filled with Chips Ahoy and Oreos and colored blue, the Honey Lavender, and the Lemon Ice Box filled with cake pieces and vanilla Oreos.

Employee Trisha Ortiz said that the shop’s goal is to provide an engaging experience for customers.

“You know when you go to another ice cream spot it is like you go to the window and you order, it is

Ariel’s Ice Cream shop Vintage- Style Design. Photo by Loren Lyons.

not really a sit-down common area and cannot really interact too much. We want to push that out and make sure everyone is welcomed,” said Ortiz.

Upon entering the shop, you are greeted by friendly employees dressed in a pink antique-style milkman uniform. Looking around, you are surrounded by the sweet ambiance and stunning vintage decorations. The first thing that grabs your attention is the creative art piece of pink ice cream flowers on the wall.

First-time customer Deaundria Belson shared her initial thoughts about the ice cream shop. “I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous decorations, generous portion and intense flavors.”

Sonnino hopes to bring some of her creative flavors to her college town Good Berry Acai’ Bowls location in hope of reaching more college students.

The shop has been open for two weeks and is receiving positive feedback. Customers are sure to enjoy the lasting impression left on their taste buds.