Review: What’s so glorious about Food Glorious Food?

Meal served at Food Glorious Food Photo by Nailah Harris

Food Glorious Food is an award-winning restaurant on Thomasville Road on the edge of Midtown. I’m not sure if the restaurant let the awards go to its head, but my recent meal did not meet my expectations for an award-winning restaurant. 

Inside the restaurant, the dimmed lights made me forget it was only 1 p.m. But the open kitchen concept inside of FGF gave a great view of the chefs preparing dishes. 

My friend and I were greeted by a friendly host who walked us to an available table. 

Our waiter and the rest of the staff in the restaurant were friendly and answered any questions we had regardless if they were assigned to our table. Their uniforms gave a more relaxed appearance with their tucked black T-shirts and khaki pants. 

One of the strangest parts of my experience at FGF was that throughout the restaurant,  brown paper covered over the tables white linen table cloths. The brown paper covering the tables gave the seemingly upscale restaurant a tacky look. 

I asked the waitress, who was replacing the brown sheet with a new one at the table next to ours why the paper was over the tables and she truthfully answered that she didn’t know. 

The menu had an array of options from burgers to shaved ribeye. 

After reviewing the menu, I opted for the exotic mushroom soft taco. I wanted to try something different. The taco was filled with sautéed mushrooms, red onions, cheese, salsa, spicy mayo and arugula, lots of arugula. There was so much arugula that I had to request another tortilla since the two that came with my meal just wasn’t enough. 

My food didn’t look appetizing. And the taste did not meet my expectations. There weren’t many  mushrooms and the “salsa” was more like diced tomatoes. The spicy mayo was the only thing that saved the taco from being sent back.

For a healthier side I ordered a salad with ranch dressing. The salad wasn’t bad at all.

My friend tried to play it safe and ordered a burger and fries. Her fries didn’t have that crispy look to them and were all flimsy and her burger fell apart as she cut it in half. 

I believe that Food Glorious Food has potential to be a great restaurant. The service was great but the food and the ambiance could be a lot better.