Painting a picture of Melissa Mitchell

Photo courtesy @abeillecreations on Instagram.

Melissa Mitchell discovered painting in 2014, several years after graduating from Florida A&M.

Mitchell, the founder of Atlanta-based Abeillecreations, now makes a living as an artist.

“All the skills I learned from FAMU prepared me for that moment from networking to learning how to build a website and being in public relations,” she said.

Mitchell’s work speaks for itself and who she’s worked with and the progression she’s made in such a short time. Only five years into the hustle of art the moves, collaborations and international contests Mitchell has accomplished is nothing short of incredible. 

Mitchell returned to The Hill during homecoming week for a special female empowerment panel titled, “State of Women.” The discussion took place in the School of Business & Industry auditorium. 

The panel included Brianna Harmon and Rashan Ali as they spoke about business, balance and progression. 

Mitchell, known for dressing bright and fashionable, spoke about staying true to yourself while developing in life.

“Stay who you are because one day you’re going to get paid for it,” she said.

Mitchell now has collaborations with prestigious brands such as Nike, Champs and Macys.

 Has shown truth in that statement.  

Mitchell’s work is nothing short of art Her paintings are a colorful representation of herself in fine art; her most popular pieces are head wraps in multiple styles, including painting boards, backpacks and even turning her home into a virtual art gallery. 

Mitchell has influenced many students throughout her years in the painting industry. Anire Glenn, n, a FAMU graduate said: “I love Melissa. She’s been a mentor to me for years,” she said.

Ama Arkorful, a business student at FAMU, described Mitchell as “inspirational” for her own brand, Always Manifest Abundance. “Melissa has always been an inspiration, as someone who also owns her own brand as a female,” she said. 

Mitchell urged students to be comfortable with being told no, giving insight on how even after getting her master’s in public management and applying to 47 jobs, she wasn’t hired.

 Mitchell found her inspiration during a trip to New York that featured a snowstorm. She said, “God told her to paint.” 

She immediately started and posted on social media, where she received purchase requests for her paintings. She now sells paintings all over the world.

The Atlanta native, who also is an Alpha Kappa Alpha member, talked about her FAMU roots with her dad being the first designer in the family. He designed a FAMU football jersey 11 years ago as one of the original FAMU jerseys. It’s not far-fetched to say art and design runs in the family. 

The art connoisseur recently debuted her art collection in downtown Atlanta at Art Meso. She’s also worked with Vogue, Essence, Pepsi and Complex. To keep up with Mitchell and more of her power moves follow her at “abeillecreations” on Instagram.