Kelsey Morris and Warren Bowers take their place as Mister and Miss FAMU DRS

Kelsey Morris and Warren Bowers take their place as Mister and Miss FAMU DRS at the 66th Coronation Ball.
Photo by Vincent Williams

Florida A&M University’s Developmental Research School kicked off their 2019 Homecoming week with the crowning of Kelsey J. Morris and Warren D. Bowers as their Mister and Miss FAMU DRS at the 66th coronation in Lee Hall Auditorium on Oct. 26.

Roger Walker, coronation director and royal court advisor introduced himself as the Master of Ceremonies presenting the royal court, royal ambassadors and acknowledge all present guests and participants. 

“I’m very excited for the tradition of excellence, not only for the kids I’m working with currently but the alumni years past,” Walker said. “For almost 15 years now I’ve had the opportunity to advise the FAMU DRS royal court as well as four to five years of advisement for the university’s court for Mister and Miss FAMU.”

Walker went on to explain how positively the experience impacted alumni.

“The alumni who have had the opportunity to have this experience have gone on to better their lives not only through education, but their social etiquette and behavior as a result of the impact that was made from their experience on the FAMU High royal court or FAMU DRS royal court,” Walker said.

The program progressed by allowing the 2018-2019 Mister and Miss FAMU DRS to say their final farewell to the student body.

Jefferson Walker and Kennede Sapp were the elected 2018-2019 Mister and Miss FAMU DRS and took their final walks as such, addressing the student body one last time. 

Kelsey Morris and Warren Bowers were elected by middle and high school students through a democratic process and will carry the title of Mister and Miss FAMU DRS for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Florida A&M University Developmental Research school 2019-2020 Royal Court
Photo by Vincent Williams

“This is one of the best experiences in my life, I was one of those little girls watching the queens being crowned and wanting to be in that position one day,” Morris said. “Knowing that the student body trust me with the crown is very rewarding, no words can express how I feel right now.” 

Morris had some words for future queens who are dreaming for this exact moment she’s standing in right now.

“Know your worth, because I was one of those little girls who doubted herself,” Morris said. “Though it may not be visible, every girl has on a crown.”

The Royal Court Attendants include Queen of Orange and Green Terryn Edwards, Miss Senior Attendant Leah Thomas, Miss Junior Attendant Kyrah Barrington, Miss Sophomore Attendant Chansley Gilchrist and Miss Freshman Attendant Adrienne Brunson.

The Royal Escorts include King of Orange and Green Jha’Shawn Black, Anthony Brown, Treveon Coleman, Darryl Stanley and Hollis Sams. 

Bowers is excited for what this upcoming year has in store for him and his Miss. After watching close friends take their place on past courts, he knew that his time was coming. He gives his thanks to God, his valuable friends and loving family for supporting him through this journey. 

“I want to show young black men that they can do whatever they want and be what they want as long as they do so with grace and poise because the sky’s the limit,” said Bowers. “I’m very excited for this journey me and Kelsey are about to embark, ready for everything that’s about to come.”

Coronation continued with the Song of Solution and Dance of Solution followed by a few words from DRS Superintendent Michael Johnson. 

After receiving their gifts, the auditorium came together to sing the school’s alma mater in unison to close out the night. 

Following the crowning of Mister and Miss FAMU DRS was the Grand Ball held in DRS cafeteria in celebration for the newly crowned kings and queens for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Homecoming week is upon us at FAMU DRS and it will be an experience for everyone.