Students connect during ‘Quad Squad’

Students hang out during ‘Quad Squad’ on Wednesday. Photo by Adriana Alexander

It’s about time a member of Generation Z took the initiative to put down their phone, go outside with friends, and enjoy a  beautiful day. The student-created event “Quad Squad,” was designed for students to go outside, put the cell phones to the side, and have real vibes and conversation together.

Junior English major and former Voices Poetry Club vice-president Linney Osias said that Voices members always went to the Quad on campus and hung out together. She came up with the idea to broaden this outing to students all over the school.

“It was very nostalgic to me to do in the beginning of my junior year and I decided why not incorporate more FAMU students into it. So I posted the flyer on my Instagram hoping that people would come out and join the conversation about new was that we can interact with each other,” Osias said.

The first time she held this event, it was a picnic-type setting where she brought food and snacks for others to eat. Wednesday’s Quad Squad was a game day type of setting where people who attended played games like Uno and cards against humanity. She envisions events built around crocheting, basket weaving or sewing.

Osias said she wanted to put herself out there and get engaged with the student body on campus. She was excited to receive the turnout that she did Wednesday and is sure that the event will grow even bigger over time.

Students were also grateful for the event because it was a breath of fresh air on campus and not a typical event.

“I really don’t usually do stuff like this but it was cool talking to different people I haven’t talked to before, listening to music, and playing games. It was fun and I would definitely attend this again,” said FAMU student Katelyn Warrick.

More than two hours of a student’s day is spent on messaging and social networking every day, according to This event is essential to the FAMU experience and culture because it forces students to get off their phones, get out of their comfort zones, and converse with people they usually wouldn’t. Not to mention simply just going outside on a sunny October afternoon.

“Since our generation is so social media driven and does not really interact, I want to help with this issue and continue to hold this event. I believe that this event with make a huge impact on campus,” Osias said.

If you missed this event, no worries. It will occur every other week on the Quad.