Aly & Aj make Tallahassee their sanctuary

Aly and AJ perform at the moon
Photo Submitted by Noella Williams

Disney Channel stars turned pop duo, Aly & Aj, were the highlight of Florida State University’s homecoming week as they performed on Tuesday night at the Moon. 

Club Downunder Union Productions at FSU booked the sisters at the Moon as one of their entertainment acts for homecoming week. The doors opened at 7 p.m. with the show beginning at 8 p.m. 

FSU junior, Jenna Ward, has seen other artists like Noname perform at the Moon, therefore, she was excited to experience an Aly & Aj performance there as well. 

“I think that performers who have a smaller audience are perfect for the Moon, since it is a good size for the crowd to fit in comfortably,” Ward says.

Many people may be familiar with them from their 2006 Disney Channel original movie ‘Cow Belles’ or from their pop hits, but many do not know that the duo still makes music. 

There are a numerous amount of former Disney Channel artists that have returned to the music scene after their Disney era ended, such as the Jonas Brothers and even Miley Cyrus. However, the Michalka sisters have constantly produced new content with their latest album, Sanctuary, releasing in May 2019.

Writer, Noella Williams and friend at the Aly and AJ concert
Photo Submitted by Noella Williams

Their touring setlist covered Sanctuary, but it also included their previous albums, Ten Years, Insomniatic, and Into the Rush. Hits from their Disney Channel days like ‘Potential Breakup Song’, ‘Like Whoa’, and ‘Rush’, were featured on their setlist, which excited the audience.

During the show, Aly acknowledged the absence of their tour dates in Florida, since Tallahassee was the first time they have performed in Florida in years.

“It’s been a while, but we’ve played in Florida before, but we have never played this town and we’re happy to be here,” Michalka added.

Brittany Files, a fan and student at FSU, was excited to hear the nostalgic, classic songs mixed with Aly & Aj’s new content.

“Being a longtime fan since I was little, I never saw them whenever I was younger, so seeing them now when I’m grown up and hearing their new songs and old songs at the same time was a really cool experience,” Files said.

After almost an hour long show, they concluded with their most popular track ‘Potential Breakup Song’ as the audience went wild. 

FSU freshman Peyton Addison was patiently waiting throughout the show for them to finish with one of her favorite tracks.

“Me and my sister listened to Aly & Aj all the time when we were younger, and we put on shows for my family, so this was like an ode to my younger self,” Addison said.

Aly & Aj are set to continue their university tour throughout the week at locations like Wilmington, North Carolina. You can listen to their latest album Sanctuary on all music streaming platforms.