Does your hair need help? Seay has answers

Dakilah Seay photo courtesy of her Instagram.

Dakilah Seay knew she would need a “hustle” to help pay for college, so she started practicing hair care so that she would stand out in the competitive market.

 A senior year health science major, she began self-training as a high school senior to enter the hair care market and monopolize in an area that she was passionate about.  She watched and assisted stylists to master the trade. 

“College can really bend or break a person physically, emotionally, but financially. I could not take it, I had to find a way to make an income and enjoy what I do,” Seay said. 

The Florida A&M student understands the financial struggle of being a student so she keeps that in mind when she sets her prices. There’s always a deal to be had, especially during events or holidays.  

Kilah, as she is also known as, offers lace services such as lace wig installs, lace frontal installs, lace closure installs, traditional sew-ins, ponytails, and plaits.   

Seay also offers a 1-on-1 lace course for anyone looking to better themselves in that area. It is beginner friendly as well. She’s had students in who had no experience with doing hair. Whether you are learning to apply them on yourself, or if you want to offer the service, her course is beneficial: Five hours hands on learning everything from lace history, to physically applying them. 

 “Lace frontal installs are my absolute favorite, with a nice crisp part down the middle. Honestly anything part down the middle when kilah does my hair is my favorite because the look is so flawless every time, you can never go wrong.” Rykiah Kendrick said. 

“Kilah’s signature style is a curly half-up, half-down. Whenever she does do style everyone loves it whether it is done with a lace or without it hits every time.” D’andre Thompson said. 

Having to choose between school or business is her biggest challenge.

“Honestly, I do feel like my business is being hindered because of school, and other ftimes vice versa. When you’re seeing your business grow and you’re making moves on your own we tend to lose sight of what is important, which I do believe that my schooling Is important as well. Take this client or go to class?” Seay said.

On a good week she averages about 15 clients.  She  says being a student-entrepreneur sounds better than it is. She works on her own time and moves at her own pace so that she is able to be both a student and an entrepreneur.

“Being a student made other students gravitate to that ambition, so my clientele has definitely grown from being a student. FAMU has helped my business grow tremendously. As I stated before, my peers have been supportive. I literally have people in different positions that have gained me exposure. FAMU is where it all began so that’s its impact on my business,” Seay said. 

IG: Uptowngirlhair_ 

Appointments can be scheduled by texting the number located in her Instagram biography. Or contacting 305-587-6308