TPD spokesman Miller a proud Rattler

TPD spokesman Damon Miller
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Florida A&M University graduate and Tallahassee Police Department Officer Damon Miller continues to give back to his university while his law enforcement career continues to thrive.

Miller graduated from FAMU in December 2004 with a criminal justice degree. He also played football for the Rattlers from 2000-2004, while maintaining work-study jobs on campus.

FAMU is where Miller found his calling. He happened to see a commercial advertising a free citizen police academy class at the Tallahassee Police Department. This class made Miller change his major from computer science to criminal justice.

“Damon was very special because he was always punctual and respectful, great leadership qualities that made his interest in law enforcement a perfect match,” said Jacqueline Perkins, former internship and placement director in criminal justice at FAMU.

Miller applied to TPD in 2005 but didn’t get admitted. He applied again six months later and was accepted. In 2006 he started out on patrol and in 2017, his chief asked him to take the department’s public information officer position. He has been there ever since, serving as the TPD’s face and voice as he fields questions from the media.

“Being a police informational officer, I can no longer say how I feel or give my personal opinion because now it sounds like It comes from the chief or department,” said Miller. “I miss being in the field because at the end of the day I’m still an officer. I can see red flags and anticipate things due to experience.”

As the public information officer, Miller is able to give back to his university by being available for the students, answering their questions and informing them about news going on around them.

“I think it’s important that FAMU news shows up and ask me questions, because it feels good to represent where I came from and being able to talk to the students,” said Miller. “FAMU gave me patience, the instructors helped me open my mind to make sure I was the best, and I met my wife there.”

Miller has served as acting sergeant for Southern District FTO squad, Gang Unit and Community Oriented Policing and Problem-Solving Squad. He has also been awarded with employee of the month and top producer awards, and more.

“Damon Miller has an excellent character, high morals, and is a tremendous asset to our community,” said FAMU political science professor Bill Proctor, who also serves on the Leon County Commission. “He needs to be promoted, his talents over-fill the glass, and he gives more than TPD has reciprocated.”

Miller said he expects to be transitioning back to patrol or a specialized unit soon.