Hemplade Vegan Café debuts in Tallahassee

Yudah Weh is one of the owners of the Hemplade brand and is the general manager of Hemplade Vegan Cafe here in Tallahassee. Photo By Brittany Jarret

Earlier this month the Hemplade Vegan Café began offering 100% plant-based foods and drinks with cannabidiol—CBD or hemp add-ons to Tallahassee residents. It is not just designed with vegans in mind, but also those who are just exploring healthier alternative options.

Yudah Weh is one of the owners of the Hemplade brand that started out as just a tea known as the Hemplade Tea. He now serves as the general manager of the Hemplade Vegan Café and has been working with his team for over a year to prepare for their first restaurant opening. 

“The purpose of this café is healing and giving people a better source of nourishment. We have foods and teas that deal with human consumption such as detoxes and cleanses,” said Weh. “Our Hemplade Tea was actually the first hemp tea in Florida since 2012, health is what we specialize in.”

Hemplade Vegan Cafe uses many of the ingredients pictured in the foods they sell. Photo by Brittany Jarret

New York native, Tsahay Murray, currently attends Florida A&M University as a third year music industry major and has been vegan for the majority of her life. She says she doesn’t eat out much, but has heard about their hemp pizza and would love to try it.

“I like the fact that they are bringing more vegan options to the city, especially incorporating hemp because it has a lot of health benefits. I think it’s really cool we have these options,” said Murray.

Although the restaurant is still very new, the owners are already planning for the future in terms of adding more menu items, products and even creating events. 

Currently in store they have products such as CBD trail mix for snacks and CBD roll-ons that can be used to treat headaches. 

They plan to create engaging events to inform and entertain the public through health. One example that they have been deciding on is a “vegan thanksgiving” open to their customers to give back for the holidays.

James Jackson is a brand ambassador for the restaurant and has been vegan for about three years. Jackson’s father and Yudah Weh have been long-time friends and that’s how he became involved with the brand. 

Jackson’s favorite menu items are the vegan soul bowl and the vegan mac and cheese.

“This restaurant is important to the community because it gives a new vibe with a variety of healthy new options that we didn’t really have before,” said Jackson.