Pinky Promise’s first bible study of the semester

Pinky Promise promotes their first meeting of the semester on social media. Photo courtesy of @pinkypromise.1887 on Instagram

Pinky Promise, an on-campus female bible study group, kicked off its first bible study of the semester Wednesday night.

Girls of all ages and majors gathered in B.L Perry for this month’s bible study, where they had the chance to relax, recharge and dive into God’s word together.

The bible studies are formulated to talk about issues relatable to what many girls are facing on campus, and to discuss how they can get it through it together. With midterm season upon us, it was a great chance for many to open up about worries and fears they are currently dealing with.

The ladies in attendance were privileged to have Mrs. Jocelyn Hayden, a social work teacher, be the first guest speaker of the semester. Hayden says that all her expectations of the night were exceeded.

“I just wanted to come and give whatever God had to say. I just knew that he would do whatever his purpose was and fulfill it,” Hayden said.

The organization has helped many girls over the past six years, and the current president, Blessing Adetula, has been involved with the group for four years. Adetula is excited for what the semester holds and shares what she hopes many girls get out of the group.

“I hope that what they’re lacking in the week, what knocks them down, what’s making them feel insecure, I want God to fill that hole for them… Let’s all just take a seat back and let God do his thing,” Adetula said.

Herley Gaston, who serves on the e-board as Chairwoman, can testify to what Adetula means by coming in on Wednesday nights and letting God fill any holes.

Gaston has also been involved with the group for four years and she expressed how much the group has meant to her.

“Pinky Promise has just really created a safe-space for me to be vocal and have sisters on campus who I can talk to about these issues and just really be transparent with,” said Gaston.

The night ended with the chance for everyone in attendance to sing together and pray for the things discussed in the bible study to be helpful to everyone throughout the week.

If you are interested in being a part of the organization and missed the interest meeting, you can contact the group via social media.

To stay up to date on what Pinky Promise is doing around campus and when they are meeting, follow them on Instagram @pinkypromise.1887.