Every student should have a planner

Columnist Devon Watson

School requires each student to be disciplined in order to be successful. There is no correct way to be disciplined because everyone has their own path. Some evolve quicker than others.

You must have a self-evaluation to know what works best for you as a student, in your route to becoming successful.

Priorities always come first no matter what. Give and take that there are some circumstances where distractions are acceptable, but it should not happen often. 

The brain can sometimes get crowded with objectives and tasks to achieve. 

Therefore, students should write down ideas, so they don’t lose them while trying to pursue other things.

As a student you should always come to school equipped with a schedule or planner that lists the important tasks needed to be accomplished. Students are then able to retrace their steps for the day to prioritize.

Make realistic adjustments to the planner.

Determine how to handle each priority in a timely manner. Students need to able to set times for each task because some will need more attention than others.

It is impossible to be strictly on schedule all of the time so be prepared to adjust periodically.

Extra activities that don’t revolve around education, community service and potential career opportunities are considered distractions. If the activity you are engaged with takes away time from your priorities, then it should be avoided.

“Every second is of infinite value,” said writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

Time stops for no man and can never be recovered. Procrastination temporarily avoids priorities. 

Each credit hour requires three hours of studying. Put time in studying and doing homework instead of going out. Learn how to say ‘no’ when asked by peers to break your strategic priority plan. 

Maintaining mental health is also a priority for college students. School can be overloading when you are constantly ripping and running. Taking time out of the week for yourself helps with maintaining balance.  

Students need to make sure that they are eating nutritious meals. 

College students living off campus need to make time to have food in their homes as well as toiletries. Campus is a place of business where presentation is key. Being well groomed is an essential. Always schedule time on your planner to keep yourself looking presentable.

Some nights will require students to stay up all night. However, lack of sleep affects performance in school.