College: it’s all about getting involved

Mariah Wiggs gets involved as a resident assistant at FAMU Village. Photo courtesy Malachi Somerville.

Could you use some help in time management?  Do you feel like your grades could use a little assistance?  Well I have the perfect solution: Get involved on campus.

Being involved in extracurricular activities has proven to increase academic performance in students and improve time management skills.  Not to mention the benefits of networking with future CEOs, entrepreneurs and entertainment powerhouses that Florida A&M has proven countless times to produce.

Joining a club or organization exposes you to a new world of responsibility.  Time management, public speaking, and networking skills are key components that you can learn and develop within the association.  This not only gets you involved on campus as a student, but this opportunity opens doors for future connections that can be beneficial after college.

Kaila Jarnegan, a 2019 Orientation Leader and member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. expressed how she feels more comfortable speaking with individuals in the professional world after getting so much practice through her extracurricular activities. 

“I feel like I’m so used to having conversations and putting myself out there, it’s going to be way easier to have a conversation rather than making myself nervous about talking to someone of power.”

FAMU hosts a number of events from the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication. From events like the “Grads Are Back” fest during homecoming, to the School of Business and Industry Job Fair that allows current students to connect and network with alumni in the workforce.

Being involved on campus is not limited to joining a club or organization.  Be that student that helps out in the library. Become a Resident Assistant or a Peer Mentor.  These are all positions on campus that make our university flourish.

College is the one place you come to find yourself and connect with others.  With over 150 clubs and organizations available here on the Hill alone, I’m sure there is one that speaks to you.

Now don’t get me wrong, being involved on campus is not all about gaining professional skills or contacts.  Getting involved on campus is about relaxing, sharing your school spirit and overall having fun.  

Discovering who you are and connecting with others all while getting involved on campus is what college is truly about.

I apologize; let me be politically correct: college is about getting a degree and changing the world in your career of choice.  But no one ever said you could not have fun along the way.