Review: Kool Beanz Cafe worth the trip

Kool Beanz Cafe. Photo Submitted by DeAsia Robinson

If you’re ever in need of a fun place for dinner after a long day of work or school, Kool Beanz Cafe might be the coolest choice in town.

The restaurant located on Thomasville Road in Midtown, just 10 minutes or so away from college campuses FSU and FAMU, features a menu that is full of zesty, flavorful plates. But before we get to the food, and there’s a lot of it, we must first examine the restaurant’s striking decor.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, you’ll notice it’s funky sign that features bright colors such as red, blue, orange and lime green, accompanied by squiggly letters that spell out Kool Beanz Cafe.

Once you’re inside, you’re greeted by the restaurant’s friendly staff and given a menu that is at

Cornmeal fried oysters and cheese grits and remoulade sauce. Photo by DeAsia Robinson

tached to a clipboard. While I’m unsure of the clipboards significance, it made me feel as though picking out my food item was a very important decision, and indeed it was.

The menu features mouthwatering items such as blackened snapper, fried oysters, black bean cakes, jerk spiced chicken and much more.

After ordering a serving of cornmeal fried oysters and cheese grits, I sat back and examined my surroundings. The restaurant was packed with patrons, all conversing over their meals with smiles on their faces.

The kitchen is directly behind the bar, open for onlookers to see exactly how each dish is made. About three cooks paced back and forth throughout the kitchen. One prepared the oysters while the others were stirring pots and dressing up plates with candied walnuts, pecan-floured trout and sesame salmon cakes.

The food was prepared quickly and tasted as great as it smelled. The oysters were golden brown and fried to a crisp. When paired with the provided remoulade sauce, it was as if I was taking a bite out of heaven itself. The grits were thick and creamy with an orange-ish tint and the cheddar was present in every bite.

Overall the experience at Kool Beanz Cafe was rewarding. The staff was friendly and attentive. The food was prepared extraordinarily well. This is the perfect hangout spot for college students and those who are looking to unwind over some zesty cuisine. So if you’re contemplating going, it’s definitely worth the trip.