Geames oversees Greek life at FAMU

Chazmen L. Geames in his office.
Photo by Andy Jean-Baptiste

After being a student at Florida A&M University, Chazmen L. Geames has returned to his alma mater to serve and be an asset to further develop the FAMU.

Geames, better known as Mr. G, now serves as the coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life within the Division of Student Affairs.

Nancy Boyd, who had held the position, is no longer with the university.

Geames graduated from FAMU in the spring of 2008 with a degree in physical education.

After the passing of his cousin,  Clyde Ashley, a professor in the School of Business & Industry, Geames knew he was up next to continue the family legacy in working for FAMU.

After applying and interviewing for the position, Geames began officially working as the coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life on Jan. 11 in the Office of Student Activities.

He oversees all Greek life on campus, which is composed of three councils: Professional Fraternity Council, Council of Independent, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

“In short what I am trying to do is shift the narrative to change the culture,” said Geames.

Geames enjoys his job as he is able to shape the future leaders of tomorrow, working with students in their respective organizations to make them better leaders.

Ayana Burchell, student worker in the Office of Student Activities, said, “Mr. G always looks out for me since he’s been working here, a very likable and relatable person.”

Geames said the least favorite part of his job is having to deny or report organizations for not following the rules. When students do not follow proper procedure, it does not make it easy when he has to make unpopular decisions and be the “rules guy.”

In this position Geames has one goal and that is to establish and maintain being the best yard in the nation. He said he plans to put the students on top.

Geames refers to himself as a chameleon. He says he can adapt to anything, and receiving this position has been an educational curve for him.

Being an employee he’s now able to see the university from a 360, he said.

“Mr. Geames comes to the university with experience, working with the NPHC and other councils. His experience is what we need and what we are looking for,” said Felicia Barnes, coordinator of clubs and organizations.