Review: ‘Fractured’ a thrilling thriller on Netflix

Photo courtesy common sense media

As we approach Halloween, Netflix is giving fans of thrillers just what they need to prepare for the spooky holiday.

One of Netflix’s newest thrillers, “Fractured,” offers a plot twist that viewers are not expecting.

The film begins with Ray Monroe (Sam Worthington) driving back from a Thanksgiving dinner along with his wife Joanne (Lily Rabe) and his 6-year-old daughter, Peri (Lucy Capri).

The family decides to make an impulse trip to a local gas station where the film begins to pick up momentum.

Ray’s daughter is startled by a stray dog at the gas station, which leads to her falling into a nearby construction site, which should have been blocked off as a danger site. Ray being the father that he is, dives into the construction site to try to save her. This heroic act does not end well since the two both end up injured. Peri is left with a seemingly broken arm and Ray with nasty scars on his face.

The family rushes to a nearby hospital where director Brad Anderson sets the scene as your typical American healthcare facility. Despite the possibility of a broken arm or concussion, the hospital staff showed no sense of urgency.  After hours of waiting, Peri is finally seen by a doctor and taken to the basement for a CAT scan with her mother by her side. Ray is left in the waiting room where he falls asleep.

When Ray wakes up frantically searching for his wife and daughter. He is in disbelief when the receptionist tells him that the hospital had no record of his daughter ever being admitted to the hospital.

The doctors and the nurses claim that Ray came in alone and was treated for his head injury. Ray on the other hand has no recollection of that. He believes the hospital has taken his family hostage and their bodies will be used in an illegal organ operation.

As I watched the movie, I wasn’t sure if Ray was insane or not. I too wondered where his family was and why the hospital “lost” his wife and young daughter. Anderson took his viewers on a rollercoaster of emotion during the hour and half film.

“Fractured” is a definite must-see if you’re ready for a plot twist that will leave you speechless.