An inside look at FAMU’s Royal Court adviser

Andre Green
Photo courtesy Andre Green

The Royal Court is no doubt a highlight of the culture at Florida A&M, and for the past five years the man with the plan has been Andre Green. He has put together all the glitz and glamour of the most beloved court on campus.

Green, 37, has been dedicated to this job and puts his all into making sure Miss and Mister Florida A&M University, the attendants and royal escorts are in tip-top shape when they have to make an appearance.

“Five years I have been the adviser on this court, but I have also been planning the royal coronation 13 out of the 14 years I have been here at Florida A&M,” Green said.

As an avid event planner Green has put together numerous royal coronations. Coronations are part of homecoming festivities and require hard work that starts with his ideas. Each year Green and his team come up with an extravagant theme to kick off homecoming week and the reigns of the Miss, Mister and their attendants.

Many might be surprised to learn that Green is not paid to serve as the adviser to the court. He is doing this job completely for free, or volunteering, as he says.

“It’s a volunteer job. It’s a very time-consuming job that comes with a lot of trials. But we have two student advisers who get paid $1,000 for the whole year to help the court with their needs and make sure they are functioning properly,” Green said.

Theondre Peoples, current student court adviser, had positive things to say about his position.

“Serving in a different capacity, actually advising the court rather than being on it, is something I think is very unique,” Peoples said.

The Royal Court is a symbol of the university and the legacy of the royal court has been ongoing since 1906 when the first Miss Florida A&M was crowned.

Breyanna Williams, current Queen of Orange and Green, said Green has had a positive impact on her and her fellow court members.

“From being an Orange and Green guide, to being an orientation leader and now to serving as a campus queen he has been nothing but a father figure to me. He is someone I can always go to when I need to vent or have a laugh,” Williams said.

Green makes it clear that there have been many memorable times for him that trump any difficulties he faced while doing this job.

Court adviser is not the only position Green handles. He is also director of New Student Orientation, which is another important job on campus. They handle hiring Orange and Green guides, oorientation leaders and volunteers.

“Working with the kings and queens is what I find very enjoyable. Watching them grow, seeing them practice their waves as well as watching them be able to recruit students is something I cherish,” he said.

To have past kings and queens of the court come back and interact with current members is something Green says is nothing short of amazing.

Although this is his last year as adviser to the Royal Court, he says it has been rewarding for him. He says he enjoys every minute no matter how hard the task may be.