Trump woos young, conservative blacks

Kearyn Bolin, president of Turning Point at Texas State, and Ben Okereke, president of Turning Point at Georgia State, flank President Trump.
Photo courtesy of the White House’s official YouTube channel

As the 2020 election year nears, political groups are kicking into gear their latest efforts to pander to the undecided and newly of age minds.

And last Friday, while most Rattlers were doing hood rat things with their friends for homecoming, a group of young black conservatives descended on Washington D.C. for the weekend to attend the Young Black Leadership Summit.

I watched via live stream on the official NBC News YouTube channel, and I could have confused it for a leaked scene from “Get Out 2.”

Appearances were made by Mike Pence, who finally showed up to an event without his wife, with Candace Owens and professional yeller Terrance Williams, two people who are in dire need of a camera flash in their face. Also, in the room was Kearyn Bolin and Ben Okereke, presidents of Turning Point USA at Texas State and Georgia State, respectively.

The summit began with President Trump saying, “Each of you has come to Washington for the black leadership summit because you have what it takes to achieve real change on your campuses and in your communities. And that’s what you’ve been doing and that’s actually why you’re here. You speak out for the values and principles that have made America the most exceptional nation anywhere on earth, and I will say this today: It’s greater than it ever was before.”

There really is no circus without this clown.

Trump’s talking points mostly consisted of the lies, exaggerations, and filler words that any fifth grader would get reprimanded for using in their efforts to meet a word count, and because he never has anything constructive to say, he continued:

“I’d be talking about the African American community and I go through a list of worst poverty levels, worst crime ever, worst schools ever, 10 things I’d read off from a list, and at one big rally I had 25,000 people, I said, ‘Go with me, what the hell do you have to lose?  You’re doing the worst in every category.’”

While his rhetoric could have normally been considered disparaging and highly offensive, the room full of Kanyes met his words with applause in agreement, while I suffered from second-hand embarrassment.

Participation from the audience consisted of “USA” chants and collective laughter, and booing concerning topics like Democrats’ alleged attempts to steal votes and the country, and ironically the corruption in Washington, the hoaxes in media and selling out America to foreign countries.

Trump asked, “For hundreds of years African Americans have gone with the Democrats. Has it worked?”

Though a Harvard graduate, the president is not in tune with actual reality or factual history. During the time that he’s referencing, Democrats were what is not the current Republican party, up until sometime in the early 20th century.

This is why studying, instead of buying, your way through college is important. I know we are taught anyone can grow up to be president, but everyone does not need to be president.

Let’s not repeat history. For information on voter registration visit: