Review: Will Relish revive Tallahassee’s food drought?

Relish’s newest location in Tallahassee on West Tennessee Street.
Photo Submitted by Paris Wilson

It’s no secret that Tallahassee is in a food drought. With numerous fast-food franchises, it’s hard to find a healthy option with all the Whataburgers and Waffle Houses lining the streets.

Then along came Relish to satisfy your burger cravings.

Relish offers a long list of options that coincide with different dietary preferences when it comes to protein with options such as chicken, turkey, beef and veggie.

Upon pulling up to Relish, I was intrigued by the lighting that adorned the front doors before entering. It gives off a very much homely, backyard feel. 

As I made my way to the register, I still was trying to decipher just how daring I would be when it came to the menu. I am a picky eater, but when it comes to different types of meat, I’m willing to expand my palette.

The staff was very inviting and patient with me as I looked at their extensive menu. Giving me tips and advice on their favorite menu items and their favorite toppings that they felt aligned with the best protein choices.

I took all of this into consideration and decided to step out of my comfort zone and settled on the impossible burger. It’s their plant-based vegan patty. I’ve dabbled in the vegan food realm, but my pickiness has always turned me back to animal-based selections. 

The menu has such a larger variety of toppings and sauces, some you hadn’t even thought of putting on a burger.

I dressed my impossible burger in fresh avocado, dill relish, ketchup, and mustard. I tried to keep the burger as simple as possible so that I could experience the authentic taste of the impossible burger.

I genuinely enjoyed the impossible burger. When it came to the taste it felt as though I was eating a regular hamburger. I expected the consistency to not be that of a meat-based protein, but it wasn’t intolerable. I highly recommend trying the impossible burger and delving into the different sauce options for someone wanting to step out their comfort zone and try vegan options. 

I believe that Relish is a great restaurant option for students because it finally gives us a healthy option for the comfort food that we love. 

Relish is located on 1935 West Tennessee Street.