Past and present Rattlers connect through internship showcase

Internship Showcase. Photo Submitted by Vincent Williams

This Wednesday, the Florida A&M University Career and Professional Development Center hosted an internship showcase introducing different companies and recruiters to the students of FAMU. 

The department’s purpose was to give an insight of the importance of internships, the significance of connecting with fellow rattlers within the desired field, and welcoming back FAMU students who have completed internships to share their experiences. 

Assistant Director, Marie Smallwood was present at the event. 

“The internship showcase is something that we started a couple of semesters ago because we had a lot of students that looked at the job sites and the Hire-a-Rattler powered by Handshake,” Smallwood said. “They’ll see the different positions and apply, but some students still wanted extra tips like what do they say in the interviews, how do they network, or how do they prepare themselves.” 

The internship showcase hosted different companies and recruiters for students to engage with and show their interest in. 

Companies and recruiters like SEO Careers, Ford, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Tennessee Titans, Dow Chemical, and Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives were there and some were represented by fellow rattlers who have previously served as interns. 

Senior Public Relations student, Crichanni Watson, an intern representative for Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, spoke to the students of FAMU to share details of her internship experience and how important it is to make that connection with other fellow rattlers. 

“Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives is an internship in Washington, DC that works to bridge the gap between all minorities and the Republican party, and I spent my time working with Congressman Phil Roe, first district of Tennessee,” Watson said. 

Connecting with fellow rattlers and alumni is always a great experience if it is to gain that career or internship opportunity or just for casual conversation. 

“We connected with the FAMU Washington, DC Alumni chapter and when I tell you they loved us! That is what inspires me for when I grow up to reach my arm back and help students that are interning,” said Watson. 

“These are adults fully established in their careers who have families, and still took time out to hang with us; just to have that relationship with us kept us pushing throughout the summer while interning in DC,” said Watson. 

While at the event some students took the first step in introducing themselves to the different companies and recruiters and handing out resumes to start their internship journey.

Freshman Political Science student, Makira Burns felt connected with the event and gained insight from those fellow rattlers who have had internships. 

“I am a freshman, but I’m already looking into my future because I know exactly what I want to do which is to be a judge,” Burns said.  “I’m speaking to other students who had those internships and went to the capital, so networking and meeting people meant a lot for me to follow in their footsteps.”