Learning centers are free and open to all Rattlers

The Writing Center is one of four learning centers on campus.
Photo Submitted by Sha’Tara Simmons

FAMU offers free assistance to Rattlers in the areas of math, science, writing, psychology, music theory and accounting.

There are currently four learning centers: science, math, writing resource, and Gaither study center. Learning centers offer assistance for students who are deficient or who want to improve their skills across their curriculum.

The learning centers offer tutoring, and they also have a computer lab that provides a quiet and safe space for students to work on anything they need to complete.

Willie Graham, science coordinator for Jones Hall, said, “Within the center my tutors and I help with homework, prepare for tests, understand material better, and also have books available for students to use.”

Graham said that the first thing they address is the problem that the student is having. Graham and his tutors help students gain a better understanding on the material they didn’t know before.

“The learning centers are free, and students should take advantage of that because if they were to pay someone for tutoring, they would be paying $25 or more an hour,” Monique Thomas, the writing resource coordinator, said.

Thomas got involved as an undergrad tutor in 2003. She has seen the centers help students with thesis statements, creation, grammar and content improvement, paragraph development, research papers, organizations, outlines and even test preparations.

“I want students to know that we are there to help them 100 percent. Our tutors are very empathetic, and they really care about helping students,” NaShandra Howard, coordinator of all centers, said.

Howard said students shouldn’t be timid or shy about getting help.  She also revealed that she takes in all feedback that is given to the centers and tries to improve the issues that occur.

All coordinators’ primary goal is to ensure that students who come to the centers receive the tools to not need the center as they matriculate. They also ensure that students can learn and comprehend the material by themselves.

More information about FAMU’s learning centers can be given from professors, emails that are sent out to most students concerning additional help in a class, having events, group chats, and even social media.