Girls 2 Divas host casting call

Flyer for upcoming interest meeting. Photo courtesy Janay White

If you know a girl looking for a chance to practice self-expression and showcase their talent, there’s an opportunity approaching. The mentorship Program Girls 2 D.I.V.A.S (G2D), founded by Florida A&M University alumna, Janay White, is offering girls in Tallahassee the chance to express themselves with the “D.I.V.A.S Musical Production”.

The non-profit is presenting a chance for Rattler students, alumni and the community to volunteer or let their children participate in the musical production.

Any girl in the age group of 10-18 years old that wants to be involved are encouraged to attend the interest meeting. The first practice will be held immediately after the meeting. The meeting will be held at the Philadelphia Primitive Baptist Church at 840 Dunn street, Tallahassee FL 32304 on Oct.12th at 12:00pm

The production will provide the girls the opportunity to present their talents to the community through all forms of artistic expression: acting, singing, dancing, poetry, painting, and stepping.

Interested parties should know that practice will be held two to three times a week and the first performance is coming up this December.

The DIVAS at their last workshop for Self-Acceptance and “I am Not My Hair” seminar. Photo courtesy Chanetris Chance

G2D supporter Stefanie Swanson said, “I’m going to take my niece to the interest meeting and see how she feels, but I’m excited for the production. I like what the organization stands for and what they do for girls’ development.”

The production hosted by G2D will encourage team building and creativity, all while creating conversation regarding real-life situations. The show will shed light on topics like gun violence, bullying, self-esteem and safe driving.

White shared, “It is time for our youth to take action in their communities through the arts. We plan on making this production an experience that not only allows and pushes for self-expression but teaches girls life lessons.”

Parents are encouraged to stay and be informed about the production to fill out the necessary paperwork. They can feel secure in allowing their girls to be apart of G2D because the wonderful volunteers and staff. Liz Gonzalez, G2D volunteer said, “Having volunteered at Girls 2 D.I.V.A.S events, I have seen how enriching the activities are for the Divas, and how much they get out of this wonderful organization.”

Girls 2 DIVAS Mentoring Program Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes positive one on one mentoring and enrichment for fifth through twelfth graders. Their goal is to help the next generation of leaders discover their purpose in life, reinvent their self-esteem and develop life, social, leadership, entrepreneurial, college and job skills.

The organization provides: monthly enrichment workshops, educational field trips, monthly community service, and tutoring. G2D is excited to invite girls and parents out to the interest meeting to not only learn about the production, but to get activated in taking a stance in their community.