Modeling the FAMU way: Will it pass in NY?

FACES Modeling Troupe performing at the Homecoming Fashion Show. Photo by Youdline Joseph

The upbeat mix of music played as students showcased their modeling skills at this year’s Homecoming Fashion Show.

Student models wore their intricate, yet in style clothing and executed their creative modeling.

The purpose of the show is for students already in modeling troupes to assist aspiring student-models who are curious about modeling.

Although these students were also taught to perform, will their talents take them to the real runways of New York and Paris?

When you watch a classic runway show, models walk in a straight line, modeling the designer’s clothing. In a fashion show on campus, we are exposed to models who go the extra mile with their body movements and walks.

Students are shown a type of modeling that can be quite misleading from what they will expect in the real world.

Yes, it is true that individuality and creativity are an essential part of being a model, but how well you do a “mechanic” or “switch-out” does not determine your success in the modeling world.

Modeling is taken to a whole new level on FAMU’s campus, but is this level “too extra” for New York Fashion Week?

Students in modeling troupes such as Images and FACES cover our campus daily, females in their highest of heels and males in their hard bottoms.

One thing I can say about the modeling troupes on campus is that they have helped a lot of students build confidence and allowed them to step out of their comfort zone.

I have known some students who overcame their fears of performing or even raised their interest in becoming a real model.

The fashion shows on campus can be looked at in many ways. Some people admire them, and others are still trying to decipher if it can be categorized as modeling.

I think it is important as HBCU students for us to have something of our own. There are no other modeling organizations like the ones on FAMU’s campus.

They allow students to have a sense of self but may decrease their chances of becoming that next working model.

While joining these organizations exposes students to the runway and print, there is no guarantee that what they are learning will even be used at the next level.