FSU alumna works red carpet at 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards

Rosalynn Glover at this year’s 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards.
Photo courtesy DeAsia Robinson

Rosalynn Glover is a 26-year-old Florida State University alumna. While she spends most of her days in board meetings, pitching marketing ideas for small firms, this past weekend she ditched the office suit and let her hair down at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta.

While growing up in Palm Beach, Glover had dreams of hosting her own talk show, which prompted her to major in communications when she started college.

At FSU, Glover struggled with her identity. She says being a black woman on a predominantly white campus made it difficult to make friends.

“Everyone was nice to me and always said hello whenever I walked by, but that was as deep as it went,” she explained. “No one asked me to join study groups, or to hangout after class. I felt invisible.”

In an effort to solve that problem, Glover joined the FACES modeling troupe at Florida A&M University, where she made good friends with Michael Brown, a FAMU student. She had no idea that Brown would later introduce her to her new employer at Viacom, who would put her on track to achieving her lifelong dream.

“She just had this spunk about her when we first met,” said Brown. “Her personality was captivating and her creativity was unmatched. When she told me she wanted to be on TV I knew it would be a great fit for her.”

After graduating, Glover and Brown both moved to Atlanta. Glover started her own marketing company and Brown started working at Medusa, a popular nightclub.

During his time there Brown met a producer from BET, who was eager to speak to him after a night of celebrating.

“He was pretty turnt up and excited about a new deal he had just landed,” Brown explained. “I decided it was the perfect opportunity to mention my friend Rosalynn. I explained to him that she was trying to break into the industry and, long story short, he gave her a production job for the BET Hip Hop Awards.”

Glover was so excited about the opportunity that she could barely contain herself. “I called everyone I knew to tell them the good news,” she said. “While it doesn’t seem like a big deal for some, I was so happy to finally have a foot in the door.”

Glover’s longtime friend Whitnee Raeburn was also ecstatic to learn of her friend’s recent success. “You have to know her to fully understand why she deserves this,” said Raeburn. “I have no doubt that she’ll use this opportunity to the best of her abilities.”

That’s exactly what Glover did. While working the red carpet for BET, Glover met celebrities and public figures. While she was able to network with a few, one conversation stood out the most. Glover had the opportunity to speak to Spice Official, who is a cast member on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Spice, who has been very vocal about issues of race via social media, was pleased to learn that Glover shared similar beliefs.

They discussed starting a talk show that would shed light on those issues. Due to Spice’s affiliation with award-winning producer Mona Scott-Young, this seemed like a promising opportunity for Glover.

Although the deal is still in the works, Glover believes that everything in her life prepared her for that particular moment.

“It was meant for me to feel that way while attending FSU,” she said. “Had I not, I wouldn’t have met my best friend who led me to such a wonderful opportunity.”