Monthly ‘Girl Talk’ encourages dialogue

WSU “Girl Talk” on Tuesday.
Photo courtesy Jaelyn Galmer

FAMU’s chapter of Women Student Union hosted “Girl Talk” at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Village East Multipurpose Room.

The event started with introductions from e-board members, current chapter members and visitors who were interested in the event.

Afterward, the event proceeded to resemble a miniature general body meeting, or GBM, bringing up topics of community service and what events do people expect from WSU this academic year.

“Attending the Women Student Union event tonight was interesting to say the least,” said Jayda Miller, a first-year student at FAMU.

A few newcomers in the audience were confused as to why the event started the way it did. Instead of getting straight to the business at hand there was a detour before girl talk really began.

Eventually, the discussion opened up to have a review of everyone’s homecoming from expenses to event participation. Most students felt homecoming was a waste and not as eventful compared as last year, with a poor concert lineup and comedians using recycled material.

As the homecoming rants ended the evening progressed and included more participation from different students.

“A dog that will bring you a bone will carry a bone,” said Women Student Union member Kyra Freeman.

The topic of discussion during this time was about friendships and boundaries that need to be implemented when someone has over stepped or at least made attempts to meet you in the middle.

Because it was first “Girl Talk” of the semester everyone was able to speak on different topics in order to build a supportive atmosphere and give a chance for all women to speak on relatable topics.

“ It felt like at times we were having meaningless conversation and to my surprise feminism was not one of the many topics discussed,”   Miller said.

Topics such as mental health, friendships, relationships, grief and communication were discussed. But no one seemed to have a dialogue to go along with the topic or was reluctant to touch on it.

Jantasia Johnson, the WSU president, said, “We host Girl Talk to create a safe haven and build familiarity within the organization and myself as a transparent president is doing just that.”

What started off as a miniature general body meeting ended with new insight, a prayer and a photo. WSU hosts ‘Girl Talk’ every second Tuesday of each month, presenting different topics and opening the floor for broader discussions.