Justice for Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown as key witness in Amber Guyger case
Photo Submitted by Ralph Cantave

A key witness in the Botham Jean’s murder trial, was fatally shot at close range while getting out of his car. Joshua Brown was the neighbor of the late Jean, and throughout the court trial Brown emotionally testified the unfortunate murder of his neighbor. Unfortunately, days after Amber Guyger was convicted and sentenced to a light 10 years in prison, Brown was murdered. It is so difficult to think that foul play was not involved in this case.

Brown was shot in the mouth and in the chest. That sounds like a mafioso hit especially since he was shot in the mouth. While speculating can add fuel to a potential hazardous fire, the timing of Brown’s unforeseen murder is suspicious and terrifying.

Brown himself was worried about testifying due to a previous shooting involvement he was injured last November. He had reservations because he feared the visibility this case would bring. It is my sincere hope that his murderer(s) are found and convicted because this case will more than likely affect future murder cases.

If a key witness in any case cannot trust the society or environment they reside, many more will refrain from testifying. There is already a stigma of “snitching” that people dislike. Particularly in the way it is portrayed in the media. However, given the growing cases of police brutality and distrust black people have of the police, justice may end up being delayed or denied for those harmed by law enforcement.

It isn’t a surprise that there is corruption in various police forces across the nation so the Dallas police force will be under a lot of pressure to solve this case.