Successful alumni share their wisdom

FAMU alumni who took part in a panel during “Grads Are Back.”
Photo courtesy Instagram

Six FAMU j-school alumni took part in Thursday’s panel discussion “The Unpredictable: The other side of Sports, Art, PR and Entertainment”: Rashan Ali, co-host on Sister’s Circle TV; Brianna Harmon, Revolt Media and TV; Nikki Foster,  freelance producer; Melissa Mitchell CEO Abeille Creations; Josh king and Tiffany Greene with ESPN and play-by-play announcer.

“Many people assume about my job or my goal is that women don’t know sports, especially in the football space.”, said Greene. “So, when I think of being able to call zone read or blitz or RPOs, understanding offenses and defenses, I have to remind myself I’ve been watching football for a long time.

“Yeah, you know oftentimes I felt like I was passed over for opportunities and I don’t know for what reason or another I felt like I outworked everybody in the newsroom,” Greene added. “But I just didn’t get awarded those things even though maybe I put in the legwork.”

Greene spoke about her experiences and how she worked her way up to the top that eventually led her to ESPN. As did the others on the panel, as they provided great advice for FAMU students.

“Remind yourself you’re good enough. I think sometimes and especially now there’s so many different external forces reminding you, you know kind of comparing yourself, your life and your journey and where you are vs. where other people are, but now that what you have to is good enough,” Greene said.

Ali warned students about the need to remain humble. “When you get a platform, don’t forget where you came from. There’s so many people around who walk around like it don’t stank. God giveth and he taketh away,” Ali said.

King echoed Ali’s observations: “If you not being yourself you cripple yourself and you’ll be looking at everybody on Instagram saying, ‘Man I could that then do it,’” King said.

Mitchell also urged students to be true to themselves. ’“If you’re busy worrying about how Rashan did it take notes but take your journey,” Mitchell said.  “We’re just here to tell you how to be you not to be Rashan or Melissa or Nikki.”

The room was full of energy. The students were filled with excitement and took advantage of the opportunity to  speak to the presenterers one-on-one and got pictures with them.