Mafia Mugs is taking off

Mafia Mugs logo courtesy Dakevia Neal

Dakevia Neal, an MBA student from Albany, Ga., has been trailblazing through the campus of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University one face at a time.

She is a student-entrepreneur who has a talent with a makeup palette and face brushes.

Her beauty business, Mafia Mugs, has taken the students by surprise due to the unique name and the creative way of promoting the brand.

Mafia Mugs is designed to enhance the looks of each customer who gets serviced. They value their customers’ opinions and will make sure that your dream beat will be brought to life in the most bossy and glossy way.

The new business has an Instagram account with a growing amount of 146 followers. The most recent promotion was recently uploaded with a theme of “Female Mafia Bosses,” and it caught the eye of many female students, sparking a major interest.

Neal’s business has been successful since its launch, getting booked for more than 25 faces in one week.  She charges between $25 and $45 per session, depending on the customer’s wants.

“The most rewarding thing about my business is to have people believe in me,” Neal said.

Since becoming an established business around campus, Mafia Mugs has been of service for the entire student body. Thus far, she’s done makeup for the FAMU Royal Court, her classmates, and she also did make up for three students who ran in the fall election.

Keely Coleman, the miss senior attendant, is a loyal customer and loves the work and concept behind Mafia Mugs.

“I am very particular about how I like my makeup and who does it,” said Coleman, “but Mafia Mugs has relieved all my worries for my reign because this is a business woman who knows what she is doing.”

Every customer who has had their makeup done by Mafia Mugs has yet to give a bad rating on the service, process, or the actual makeup that was done.

With the steady rate of the page’s followers increasing and word of mouth about the business, Mafia Mugs has the potential to be the next big beauty business to launch in Tallahassee.

“I’ve been getting my makeup done by Dakevia since our freshmen year, almost being her test dummy in a sense,” said Destiny Ford, a loyal customer, “but her growth at this talent and fun name for her business will take her far, I can see it now.”

Neal plans to take Mafia Mugs to the next level and strengthen her skill set with the artistry of knowing how to do makeup. Her dream is for Mafia Mugs to become an independent makeup contractor for multiples celebrities in the music and entertainment industries.