SGA to provide refunds for Homecoming Concert

Canned good and non-perishable items donated for entry into the concert. Photo Submitted by Jayla Herring

Complaints from students were voiced, and FAMU’s Student Government Association listened. SGA will be issuing refunds for tickets purchased for the 2019 Homecoming Concert.

FAMU’s box office has a no-refund, no-exchange policy, but SGA made an exception after students complaints about SGA changing the concert to free admission after some students had already purchased a ticket.

FAMU issued a statement via email saying, “For those who purchased tickets to the Homecoming Concert 2019, because admission is now free with a donation of canned goods or non-perishable items, Florida A&M University will be refunding the ticket purchase amount.”

The Homecoming Concert opened with Ball Greezy and Kash Doll with Lil’ Baby as the headliner. The concert tickets were originally $30, then dropped to $20 before SGA decided on Tuesday to make the event a benefit concert.

Attendees were granted free entry in return for a canned goods or non-perishable donation for Hurricane Dorian relief in the Bahamas.

Bryan Smith, the director of SGA, explained that the student leaders in SGA thought it would be best for the student experience if the concert was free.

“The student leadership wanted the students to have an enjoyable experience, so they wanted to ensure a high-energy event, fueled by an energetic crowd – the more people, the more energy. The student leadership decided it would be best to offer a no-charge concert, to increase the likelihood of a more energetic show and one of the students suggested they enhance the Dorian relief effort by simply asking students to bring support items as they entered the arena,” Smith said.

The refund was great news for concert-goers like freshman criminal justice student Destyni Dickerson. Dickerson was one of the students outraged when she found out the concert was free entry after getting her ticket over a week in advance.

“I am pleased and proud to see FAMU issuing a refund to the students who bought a ticket for the concert because it was needed. I hope moving forward in the future, problems like this are avoided,” Dickerson said.

SGA is asking that students who purchased tickets through TicketMaster contact TicketMaster directly so their refund can be issued electronically. For students who purchased tickets at the FAMU box office, they ask that they fill out the form attached to the email and bring it along with their ticket to the Student Government Association Office at 1668 S. MLK Blvd. to facilitate the refund process.

The deadline for the refund to be submitted is Oct. 18 and refunds will be issued by Nov. 8, according to SGA.