Local vendors amped for Homecoming

Students enjoy their food at the Taste of a Rattler event. Photo Submitted by Adriana Alexander

Homecoming is here, which means the vendors have come to give people a taste of their delicious food and beverages.

The annual Taste of a Rattler food festival was held Wednesday on The Set, an event created to give local restaurants and catering companies an opportunity to showcase their fare. It was also created to provide FAMU students with a change in their dining options — if only for one day.

There are many options to choose from at this event. Fired Up Pizza, Pineapple It, King Kuisine, Leola’s Crab Shack and Sneauxball were some of the many businesses that participated in this event.

“Taste of a Rattler is a tradition that we always hold on the Wednesday of Homecoming week. We purchase a set number of meals from local venders in Tallahassee then give out tickets for students to enjoy free food. This is a great daytime chill event for students to relax away from classes and enjoy music, food, and socialize with students and individuals in the community,” student body president Rochard Moricette said.

Students thoroughly enjoy this event because it gives them a chance to chill out, eat, and enjoy their Homecoming week. William Ricketts expressed his appreciation for this annual event.

“I am enjoying this event a lot. Good music, good food, and good vibes surround the atmosphere of The Set right now. There are lots of different food options so you won’t get bored at all,” he said.

This event is expected to continue during every Homecoming season at FAMU. Not only does the community and students at FAMU get the chance to consume diverse options, but this event also allows these small businesses to gain exposure and make more money.

“FAMU has accepted my business a lot. Our location is on the other side of town and we appreciate the love that we receive from this university. It is really inspiring and great to see people out here try something new. This is our first year being a part of this event but surely will not be our last,” said Riksha Asian Cuisine owner Nikhil Rajan, whose eatery is locked on West Pensacola Street.