Karlous Miller and Chico Bean leave student body more than satisfied

Comedian Chico Bean bringing in the laughs. Photo courtesy Chepelle Johnson

Comedians Karlous Miller and Anthony Bean (better known as Chico Bean) graced Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s campus Tuesday with their presence to bring in laughs for the student body.

The dynamic duo wasn’t shy to FAMU’s campus and students were definitely ecstatic to see them return with new jokes and fresh energy. Many fans know them for their role on MTV’s hit show, Wild ‘n Out, and many recent projects they’ve worked on together.

Performing at events such as the comedy show gives them a chance to break away from the production standard they are required to have on TV and their podcast.

Miller was excited for the chance to be in the moment and to do things on a whim based off of the audience’s reaction.

“I like that it’s unpredictable. You come here thinking you’re gonna tell jokes on stage and then you look out and you have all these people. Going out in

Comedian Karlous Miller interacting with the audience.Photo courtesy Chepelle Johnson

to the crowd and breaking that fourth wall. It’s dope,” said Miller.

Both Miller and Bean went out into the packed audience to do what they do best: improv. They reenacted one of fan’s favorite segments from Wild ‘n out, “family reunion” where they found audience members to clown on.

Freshman Giniare Ridore had a blast seeing the two interact with the audience.

“The best takeaway was when they came off the stage and started clowning everybody… Everyone was able to take a joke and it was a really good time,” said Ridore.

All jokes aside, many comics are aware of the shift in culture and how the methodology behind jokes is changing.

Bean said that it is possible for comics to be their authentic selves in this climate but it comes with more of a risk.

“Now with social media you’re able to get offended and have that comradery. When Eddie Murphy released “Raw and Delirious” in order to be offended you had to get up and go somewhere to be offended,” said Bean.

Miller and Bean weren’t afraid of pushing the envelope with their jokes, and the audience’s reactions definitely showed that they approved of the risks they took.

The show left many fans loosened up and more than satisfied with their decisions to bare the large crowd to be there at the event.

Miller says that fans can expect to see the comedy pair on tour for their “85 South Show” and of course returning for another season of Wild ‘n Out.