Junior at FAMU opens barbecue eatery in Frenchtown

Barbecue takes center state at Brevard Street BBQ. Photos by Kyra Watts

Florida A&M University students never fail to amaze the community with their start-up businesses. On the corner of Pope and Brevard streets in Frenchtown is the new barbecue business owned by Antonio Matthews Jr.

Brevard Street BBQ is located at 818 West Brevard St. This brand new spot offers pork ribs, chicken quarters, baked beans, potato salad and more.

Matthews, a third-year health science major from West Palm Beach, said that he was just continuing the family tradition when he and his cousin opened up this business.

“Our grandfather owned and operated a successful soul food restaurant for 25 years. He retired a few years ago and we wanted to take a leap into the family business but in our own way, with his guidance, of course,” Matthews said.

Students at FAMU were actively pleased after their visits to Brevard Street BBQ. “The food was good, I’d give it an 8 out of 10,” said Giovanni Smith, a business administration major from Delray Beach.

The name and location are no coincidence. “We wanted people to hear about us and immediately know where to locate us, simple as that,” Matthews said.

The business is open and welcoming. It gives you that “backyard BBQ” vibe, as it is located in the front yard of a residential area.

You can see the smoke coming from the grill when you pull in and park. Matthews was tending to the chicken and ribs.

“Well the vibe there is cool; they welcome you like any other black-owned business, with open arms and good spirits,”  Smith said.

The warm welcomes and casual small talk helps the time fly as you wait for your made-to-order plate of barbecue. The menu consists of smoked sandwiches and smoked meat plates.

Students were bragging about the amount of food on their plates for such a reasonable price. “I had the rib plate which included two sides. It was really worth the money,” said Zakia Hill, a third-year pre-occupational therapy major from Polk County.

Prices start as low as $5 and go up to $14 as the most expensive item on the menu. Their assortment of sauces was also a popular topic of conversation.

The three sauces offered are: ”Tallahassee Sassy,” Sweet & Smokey “Rattler Sauce” Spicy with a bite and “Garnett & Gold” Carolina Gold.

“My favorite sauce would be the Rattler sauce. I would say it’s my favorite because although it’s sweet, it still has that barbecue spice to it,” Hill said.

Brevard Street BBQ is only open from Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.