FAMU’s Rattler Pop! Beauty Expo

“Rattlers setting up for beauty expo”. Photos Submitted by Aaliya Rashad

Yet another event has come and gone during this homecoming week. On Tuesday, FAMU showcased its true beauty with the Rattler Pop Beauty Expo, covering topics on natural hair, skincare, and fashion.

Hosted in Gaither Gymnasium, the expo offered a fun time with music by Dj Eddie Lee, free food, and vendors.

Kaylin Jackson, a Junior pre-medicine major at FAMU, believes that this experience was great for students who are still getting prepared for the homecoming events to come.

“There are a lot of things here to buy and look at like hair, outfits, lashes. I liked all of the vendors that were here. There was a very diverse, nice selection of things to look at,” said Jackson.

The event was free and also displayed multiple panels where students could share their own tips and tricks as it related to beauty.  Students were gifted with product samples and special giveaways.

The expo also helped up and coming entrepreneurs gain exposure.

Keta Browning, a graduate of FAMU’s School of Journalism, says this is her first time coming back to a homecoming since graduating.

Browning’s brand, @NaturalOats on Instagram, consists of all-natural, hand-made skincare essentials and caught the attention of several students who wanted to purchase.

“It feels good to be back for homecoming. I spoke to a class earlier this week and I had such a good response from the students that I wanted to come back,” said Browning.

Other vendors included local businesses like Rattler Apparel, HBJ Glam hair care products, GG Naturals, Stash House, and M&M Blockers.

Participants got the chance to ask questions, express concerns, and gain helpful advice as they listened to student guest speakers share their natural hair journeys, skincare routines, and fashion do’s and don’ts.

Guest panelist, Ceri Goff, emphasized the importance of taking the time to learn your skin to rattlers.

“Knowing your skin type is a key factor. A misconception is that what works for someone else, will work for you. Just because something works for me, does not mean it will work for you and vice versa.”

Despite not being a full house, students who came enjoyed themselves and hope to see the event grow for future homecomings.