Students who bought tickets to Homecoming Concert want refunds

FAMU SGA announces that the Homecoming concert is now free.
Photo courtesy FAMU SGA

Tonight’s 2019 Homecoming Concert featuring Lil’ Baby, Ball Greezy and Kash Doll is now a benefit concert.

On Tuesday night, the Student Government Association announced via Instagram and Twitter that “the concert is now free admission with a canned good. Those who purchased tickets will be accommodated with floor seats.”

The announcement was great news for the students who have not purchased their tickets or even planned on going. Tadarius Hall, a fourth-year secondary education student, had no intention of going to the Homecoming Concert, but now that it is free, he has changed his mind.

“I don’t listen to any of those artists and Ball Greezy is here almost every week so I didn’t want to go. Now that the concert is free, I will be attending. I got my canned good right now,” Hall said.

While the announcement was great news for students who weren’t planning to attend, but students who have already purchased their tickets were not too happy when they heard the news. Essence Pickett, a first-year business administration student, felt that the accommodation was not satisfying and plans to demand a full refund.

“I am really upset because I already bought a $30 floor seat ticket for the concert last week. As a freshman in college, $30 goes a long way so I want a refund,” she said.

Pickett went on to explain how the accommodation is more of a hassle than anything.

“I’m from Detroit so I absolutely love Kash Doll. I bought these tickets because I wanted good seats to see her performance. Now that the concert is free, I have to get there even earlier than I was planning to because I know the crowd will be crazy.”

The FAMU box office has a no-refund or exchange policy and refunds are only permitted when an event has been canceled.

SGA Vice-President Natalie Antenor, responsible for most of the Homecoming activities, did not respond to multiple attempts for comment.

The concert is set to take place today in the Al Lawson Center. The doors open at 6:30 p.m.