Students speak out on Venom issues, lack of late-night dining options

Some students are asking: Why aren’t there more Venom shuttles?
Photo Submitted by Dennis Hudson

There are many campus activities at Florida A&M, decent food places and much more —but there are always improvements that students may want, or feel are needed.

There are also positives on campus that students are appreciative of and grateful for.

“I definitely love the loving ‘FAMUly’ environment and the people on campus. I love how almost everyone is so friendly and that everybody wants to see everybody else winning. The campus is beautiful and well-kept, clean, especially on The Quad. I love sitting on The Quad between classes and enjoying the view,” said Imani Wilson, a business administration student at FAMU.

Yet some things are needed that some students feel would help benefit the student body as a whole.

“Some things I feel are needed to benefit FAMU as a whole would be more Venom shuttles. It’s a hassle getting to class on time when there’s only one to pick up the entire Palmetto complex at a time. Also, we need our food places to be open on the weekends. Other than that, I feel that FAMU provides us with our other essentials,” said Audrina Orelus, a sophomore pre-physical therapy major.

Some students said they would like more events focused on balancing college life and everyday life.

Some have their own personal list of things that they would want done on campus that would enhance their college life experience.

“I personally want the dining hours to be extended, or to possibly have a couple of dining options that are open 24 hours. It’s hard being up and hungry doing homework at all times of the night, especially in Coleman where outside food and drinks are not permitted and not having any on-campus dining options. We get tired of ordering food from apps and having to spend real money when we have a meal plan with swipes and flex bucks,”  Wilson said.

Some students believe there are improvements needed on campus.

“I truthfully feel like certain things are improving but not much. We still have students struggling in school and struggling to bond or get any information from others. We still have students wanting to do things and join clubs and organizations but can’t because they don’t know who to talk to or what procedures to take. We need to change that fast, especially for the black population and communities,” said Karriem Edwards, a health and leisure fitness studies major.