Women In Radio launches a new membership program

“Membership card for active WIR members.” Photo courtesy of Meaghan Taylor.

Women In Radio (WIR) launched a new membership program on Monday, which offers affiliate access to exclusive professional opportunities, one-on-one consultations, and much more. The target is for women in college to mid-level career. 

FAMU Alumna, Meaghan Taylor is the founder of Women In Radio, an organization for the support and advancement of women in the radio industry. 

Taylor discovered her love for radio as a radio personality for WANM 90.5, “The Flava Station.” 

“I created Women In Radio because at the time I felt alone. I didn’t have any friends in the industry, nor a mentor. It was just a lonely time after college. I created the membership program to help people find jobs and internships and to build an even bigger community off of Instagram,” Taylor said. 

Women In Radio, LLC features women across the country who are actively on-air and empowering women. 

This new program will help women who aspire to be radio personalities find jobs or internships. It’ll also allow them to get one-on-one consultation to ask questions, receive advice or review your aircheck.

This program offers three levels of membership including month to month, annual, and lifetime. Each tier includes access to resources in an eLearning Center, updates on upcoming WIR events, professional development consultations, and discounted merchandise. 

The benefits of the lifetime membership offer exclusive access to the green room at the yearly event, along with the opportunity to join a conference call to discuss and plan content and events for the following year. 

Jade Vinson, a freshman broadcast journalism student is excited about the new program. 

“It is important to set a standard as a woman in the radio industry. There isn’t a lot of opportunities for African American women in radio. I want to set an example of how to become a leader for other aspiring radio personalities as well,” said Vinson. 

Junior broadcast journalism student, Deanna McClaurie interned over the summer at Women In Radio, LLC. 

“Women in radio motivates me every day. Every time I go on social media and see women empowering each other or getting promoted in their radio jobs, I get so excited. It inspires me to always strive for whatever I want, be the best me and to be humble and wait on my time. I have been following women in radio for almost a year,” McClaurie said. 

Membership applications are available at womeninradio.org/member.