The home away from home for alumni

Columnist Josiah George

Homecoming is a highlight on Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s campus. FAMU has molded us into a “famuly” and brings us together every year.

Alumni coming back in town to share their tips and experience with us is very important.

Many alumni have worked in different fields such as business, pharmacy, nursing, journalism and can come back and tell us about their experience in the workforce.

Networking with people actually working in the field is very important for our future careers. The saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has proven itself to be true many times.

Many alumni can connect us with different opportunities that can help mold our future careers. Famu hosts many events around campus like workshops, meet and greets, luncheons and many more activities to be interactive with alumni.

Guidance on things like creating a compelling resume or how to secure internships, are just a couple of the things that many alumni pour into us during homecoming week.

There is fresh talent on the market every day and seeing recent rattlers graduate, encourages us to continue to strive for more.

Alumni of course also get the opportunity to enjoy themselves at different festivities during the weekend. Tailgating events, football games and more reminding them of their time on the hill.

They get the opportunity to see the different changes that have been made around campus, but also see the great things that have stayed the same.

The illustrious sounds of the Marching 100 Band I’m sure reminds them of their time here. Hearing and seeing the show during homecoming probably gives them a sense of nostalgia, bringing back great memories.

Alumni coming back to their stomping grounds, gives them a sense of what they had to endure while attending. Some older alumni come into town to see friends they haven’t seen in many years.

FAMU has helped mold many alumni into the successful person they are today. They then come back to tell how it has made them stronger as a person and mentally stable to endure anything in their career field.

For many former students, homecoming week is more than just a reason to have a good time but the chance to cherish the great lessons learned.

Remembering that many things they use on a day to day basis, they learned right here on the hill.

How many colleges can say that their former students still have that die-hard support like the alumni at FAMU?