Sherell succeeding on all cylinders

Tallahassee native Shannon Sherell at her SS Beauty Bar business.
Photo courtesy Corey Wheeler

After graduating from Florida State University in 2015, Tallahassee native Shannon Sherell’s SS Beauty brand has grown from multiple Tallahassee locations to expanding to Atlanta.

Sherell earned her degree in creative writing, with a minor in entrepreneurship and communications. Sherell’s family said she was crazy for attending cosmetology school after earning her degree at Florida State in a totally different lane. Even then, she knew that the beauty industry was in her blood.

She was braiding box braids at 4 years old, cornrowing at 7, and using hair curlers before middle school. Sherell continued to trust God and believe in his plan for her because she was given many gifts and needed to utilize them all.

“My willingness to fulfill God’s path for my life has gotten me to the success that I have this day. Me persevering and never giving up on all my dreams has been so important,” Sherell said.

Sherell opened SS Beauty Bar in 2018 and business was booming. By January 2019, she opened her second chain of beauty shops named SS Beauty Spa. In less than a year and a half, Sherell was a proud owner of three beauty businesses.

“It took me 10 years to get here, right? Well even through the trials and tribulations of creating a successful business, if you lay your fountain brick by brick and build your brand and your team, you will never fail,” said Sherell.

Her clientele love and appreciate her for the passion she has for making individuals feel great about themselves.

“On a personal note, Shannon has such a great spirit and is very intentional about making sure her clients are comfortable during their time in the salon, which I loved. Not to mention, my hair looks and feels amazing! Definitely will be back for future appointments,” SS Beauty Bar client SynClaire said.

The SS Beauty Brand collaborates with other beauticians who specialize in hair, nails, make-up, brows and more. Sherell is always open to giving other entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow through her brand.

Not only is Sherell a successful entrepreneur, she is also a published writer and released her first book “God is the Recipe” earlier this year. In this book, she highlighted that no matter what higher being that you believe in or whatever you do, it is important to speak life over your life and speak positive things into existence and believe in yourself.

“I received this book named ‘God is the Recipe’ by Shannon Sherell and I’m reading it while I’m in the studio. Thank you Shannon,” said Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Rowland.

She has also left her mark at Florida State University and the University of Florida by founding an organization called LADIES. LADIES (Leadership, Advancement, Development, Involvement, Encouragement, Service). It is an organization that mentors  high school girls.  This organization helps these ladies reach their fullest potential.  The organization reaches out to younger women and helps them build character, confidence, and helps them to sustain under stressful situations.

Let’s not forget that she is also a singer and has been singing since she was a little girl. She recently auditioned with “American Idol” and made it through two auditions in one day. Although it did not turn out like she had hoped, she is not discouraged and calls it a “delay and not a deny.”

Sherell is expanding her SS Beauty brand to Atlanta. She plans to build her brand all the way to the top, just like one of her inspirations, Madam CJ Walker. She will also be fulfilling her music career in Atlanta. One can only wonder: Is the state of Georgia ready for the talented beast that’s coming their way?