FAMU paints with a twist at their cupcakes and canvas event

FAMU students enjoy painting with a twist event.
Photo Submitted by Aaliya Rashad

Rattlers, both past and present, painted with a twist as they celebrated Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s annual homecoming and 132nd birthday.

From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday students showed off their inner Picasso through painting rattler styled cupcakes. They incorporated their own unique decorations while the instructor and other employees guided them in a step by step process.

This event not only brought good music and vibes, but it forced students to put their creative skills to the test.

Due to it quickly becoming a sold-out event, many students who arrived late were turned away. However, 2nd Year MBA candidate, Mara Burnise, decided to stick around to support her classmates despite not being able to paint.

“Well, I just really love being able to see creativity and art. It’s really empowering witnessing people come together and embrace the FAMU culture. It’s just great to see our culture coming together and supporting one another for a good cause,” said Burnise.

Burnise believes that FAMU’s student government association did an amazing job by bringing a carefree and non-judgmental event to the campus.

“Painting with a twist is fun and creative and it’s not open to any criticism. People are able to freely express themselves,” said Burnise.

Some students, such as senior Tyandra Mosley, used this exciting experience as a means to help kick-off their week full of homecoming events and bring in their final year at FAMU.

“Last year I didn’t get to go to it and I heard it was lots of fun so I decided to come to it this year since it’s my last year. I kind of messed up on my painting, but it’s been very eventful,” said Mosley.

Mosley isn’t the only one looking to start their homecoming week off right.
Janelle Murraine, a FAMU alumna and Painting with a Twist employee of nine months, is especially thrilled about visiting her alma mater this year.

“I’ve always been someone that comes to homecoming and someone that participates, but volunteering with the students and working with painting with a twist makes it feel more like home for me,” said Murraine.

Murraine says that one of her favorite things about her job is that it allows people to unwind and have a good time.

Before leaving, attendees were gifted with FAMU inspired cupcakes in addition to taking home their completed paintings.

FAMU students hope to see Painting with a Twist again for next year’s homecoming.