Students pumped to have Kash Doll, Ball Greezy and Lil Baby coming to campus

Miami rapper, Ball Greezy
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With the fall 2019 Homecoming week fast-approaching, the Student Government Association announced on Twitter that Lil Baby, Kash Doll and Ball Greezy will be performing in concert at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Lawson Center.

Students took to their media platforms to air their opinions on the night’s acts, Public relations major Ivyanna Gray proclaimed how ecstatic she was that Lil Baby had been selected: “I love lil baby! We’re both from Atlanta so I know all his songs.”

Ball Greezy was another favorite that students applauded SGA for because of his Miami background and culture; many of the students who attend FAMU are from south Florida. Others are from surrounding areas or northern cities like Detroit where rapper Kash Doll resides. The Detroit native has her Ph.D. in hip-hop and is the perfect fit to bring the concert together as a complete performance.

FAMU senior Amyre Dysard, also a Detroit native, said she’s delighted to have a northern artist perform. “This might be the first time in my four years we had someone from the North as an entertainer for homecoming, it makes for a better show when all students are familiar with someone performing,” she said.

Selecting artists from the North as well as the South to perform at a very diverse HBCU was a great decision by SGA with deserved admiration.

Delivering to the students is a task that FAMU students and faculty take very seriously.

Students are looking for a good time at the concert while simultaneously hoping for a better year than last. Students are always looking to elevate when planning homecoming events. Some students were upset with Gucci Mane because of his late and short performance last October. Yet students were overall satisfied with all the artists who came out, specifically City Girls Caresha, who FAMU ladies had anticipated for some time.

With the concert days away and students eager to get their week of relief and enjoyment before midterms, it’s almost certain that this one will be one for the books. It’s shaping up to be one of the best to date, with three of the biggest names in hip-hop. It will be a well-attended concert. SGA and university staff are encouraging everyone to be safe gestures while attending. Student tickets are $25 and non-students tickets are $35 and will be available for purchase at the Lawson Center.

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby
Photo courtesy Getty Images