Crane lands on Tallahassee house

The damage caused by a crane. Photo courtesy Dandre Hogan

While trying to remove a tree, a crane supplied by About Building & Design, Inc. crashed into a mobile home on the 2900 block of Slash Pine Lane on Sept. 16.

According to the company, the ground gave way during the removal, causing the crane to crash into the mobile home.

According to WCTV Eyewitness News, while trying to maneuver around a septic tank, the arm of the crane landed on the roof of the mobile home. When trying to remove the arm from the roof, the entire crane fell on the roof.

“When I was passing by I had no idea a crane fell on the house, I thought they were getting a new trailer,” neighborhood resident Hollie Freeman said.

The crane fell on the left wing of the mobile home, tearing it completely off. You could see inside the home before it was covered with a blue tarp.

“I wish I would have never called this company, because had I not called this wouldn’t have never happened,” homeowner Daisy Hogan said.

Dandre Hogan, Daisy’s son, said he was in his room during the time the crane fell, forcing him to run out to avoid being hurt.

“I feel angered,” Hogan said,  “because all we wanted to do was get a tree cut down before a small storm hit, and now instead of a tree falling on our house, a crane did. Who would’ve thought.”

Hogan says that the owner of the company offered to buy everyone burgers while they waited for the insurance company to arrive, but no gesture was enough to outweigh what had just happened to their home, he said.

Hogan said they have been getting things settled with the company, and that the company will be replacing everything, including their house.

The family is currently residing in a hotel suite just off of Apalachee Parkway, at the company’s expense, while awaiting their new home.

As of now, there has been no updates on the family and their search for a new mobile home. The damaged mobile home still remains on their property.

A crane fell on another home in Tallahassee two weeks ago, according to WCTV Eyewitness News and the Tallahassee Democrat.