Office of International Education to launch new web show

Founders of “Curating Culture” Cedrita Demus (left) And Victoria V. Moore.
Photo Submitted by DeAsia Robinson

Florida A&M University’s Office Of International Education and Development is set to premiere its latest project, “Curating Culture.” The web-based show, which is sponsored by the OIED, will focus on global issues and the effects they have on various cultures.

Examples of these issues include, but are not limited to, health, environment, technology, politics, cultural gentrification, as well as other topics.

Its founders, Cedrita Demus and Victoria V. Moore, believe that although a development or crisis may not originate in one’s own country, the issues still affect the world as a whole.

“Starting ‘Curating Culture’ is important to me because it gives us, as a people, an opportunity to connect and engage with the world around us in a meaningful way,” said Demus.

“The goal for me is to create a pathway of empathy and connection. Creating a platform that shows the audience we’re not as different as we think and to recognize the small things about ourselves and our families in the stories of others.”

Moore also believes that by creating the platform, it will encourage other cultures to live peacefully among each other.

“I believe it’s important to showcase aspects of various cultures for all to see, understand and hopefully respect,” she said.

“Whether or not we agree with each other’s customs, cultures and religious practices is another story, but I think the basis of living peacefully amongst each other should be understanding.”

The show will be an 8-14 week broadcast program during both the fall and spring semesters of the 2019-2020 academic school year. Each episode will explore an individual topic and  approved special guests will be featured on the show based on their relationship to the area of study.

What’s even more amazing about this new development is that “Curating Culture” is seeking to provide opportunities for journalism students to gain experience in interviewing, filming, editing, news writing and more.

Rashad Ingram, a graduate of Florida A&M University, said he wished there was a platform such as “Curating Culture” that he could’ve been involved with during his time at FAMU.

“This is honestly a really good idea. There are so many different cultures that exist on campus, I’m interested in seeing them merge together,” said Ingram.

“I would have raced at an opportunity like this had it been available when I was in school,  because I love learning about new things concerning the world around us.”

Demus and Moore hope to partner with FAMU’s official television network, but in the meantime the show will premiere starting Oct. 12 on YouTube under the username Curating Culture TV.

Students who are interested, can sign up to volunteer at OIED located in Room 302 in Perry Paige. After doing so, they will be assigned a specific topic to cover based on their area of interest.