SGA: student senate holds confirmations for new candidates

Student senate begins confirmation for new candidates
Photo Submitted by Alexis Hamilton

The Student Government Association met for their weekly meeting in the Senate Chambers on Monday. 

As usual, the meeting started off with weekly updates from student leaders pertaining to upcoming events and homecoming.

SGA President, Rochard Moricette, touched on the different initiatives and projects that the campus liaisons will be working on such as creating a student advisory board for the medical marijuana initiative that the university is undertaking.

Moricette informed the student senate of the delegations that will be taking place to help move the projects along.

“Oftentimes I feel like I do too much,” said Moricette. “So, it’s time for other students to take the lead and spearhead initiatives.”

It was also a successful night for appointees as all eight that were brought to the floor last night we’re confirmed.

Deputy Secretary of State, Nur Suleiman discussed her preparation and emotions that were running through during the question portion of her confirmation.

“I was very nervous,” said Suleiman. “Just because I really wanted to do my best and so I kind of psyched myself out in the beginning.”

Suleiman displayed her excitement on bridging the gap between SGA and The Royal Court when it comes to welcoming visitors to FAMU’s campus. 

The other confirmations proved to be victorious despite the rigorous questioning that the candidates were subjected to.

Senator Xavier McClinton was pleased with the candidates and the effort they put forth on the floor.

“All of the candidates were great and genuinely wanted to serve the student body in their role,” McClinton said.

When asked about what he’s most looking forward to after last night’s meeting, McClinton expressed his anticipation leading up to the results of election night. 

“As far as something I’m looking forward to, I would have to say the freshman senators that will be joining us later on this evening,” McClinton said. “It’s been great to see the campaigns and how competitive but clean and honest they’ve been so far. I can’t wait to see the results later this evening to see who all will join us for the next two years.”