Local clothing brand Good Vibes Only focuses on mental health

Photo courtesy San Mateo County Libraries

September has been declared Suicide Prevention Month, and as most may know: There is always someone you know who suffers in silence. Suicide is the result of a very serious mental health disorder and it is important that instead of ignoring people’s problems or putting them by the wayside, we come together to help one another and save lives.

Dante Gallegos, a student at Florida A&M University, is a team member and brand ambassador of a clothing brand called Good Vibes Only LLC. This clothing brand focuses on using fashion and color representation to bring awareness to mental health disorders.

“GVO is important to me because, like the rest of the team, I have suffered from forms of mental health,” Gallegos said.

“GVO is truly my baby, as it is to the rest of the team. We love the cause, and we love doing something that shows that we care about others and that it has a positive impact on the community and world,” Gallegos added.

Founder and CEO, Shawn Weir, 24, started the brand after noticing the lack of knowledge and help he did not receive while struggling with depression.

As a mental health awareness clothing brand, the overall goal is to simply spread positivity around the world. Also, to spread awareness about other types of mental health disorders other than depression or suicide.

By pairing the colors of their clothing to a specific disorder and adding inserts inside the packaging that explain what color that disorder is and how it affects people, and how you can help those who are suffering, GVO is doing all it can to create awareness.

There is also a color chart on the website that allows you to match colors with disorders so that you are sure you’re representing the disorder of your preference.

Working hard to design cool, fun-looking clothing that people will feel good about wearing, and not ashamed of because they have a mental health disorder, is what brings happiness to the GVO family.

You can order your Good Vibes Only gear at https://www.goodvibezgvo.com .

There is also a number for those who need help to get in contact with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. It is available to anyone 24 hours every day.

Remember to be aware, and to help those who come to you.