FAMU adds additional cameras to increase students’ safety

Terence Calloway, Assistant VP of Safety and FAMU Chief of Police
Photo courtesy FAMU.edu.

On Sept. 17, Florida A&M University announced that they would be adding more cameras and license plate readers to the campus in efforts to increase the safety of students and faculty. 

The cameras will be used to create a safer environment as well as catch crimes on and off campus faster. There will be cameras and license plate readers around the university at every entrance and exit.

Terence Calloway, Assistant VP of Safety and FAMU Chief of Police, talked about the purpose of the camera/license plate readers. 

“The cameras will be used to promote/increase safety awareness and to deter opportunist people from attempting to come onto campus to commit crimes,” said Calloway. “These additional cameras will also help our law enforcement partners to hopefully solve crimes that may take place near campus.”

Calloway also informed students at the town hall meeting that the additional cameras will not affect those with cars on campus.

“The cameras will inform us of any vehicle that has been reported stolen, plates that have expired, warrants for drivers, and suspended driver’s licenses,” said Calloway.

After hearing about the announcement, students voiced their opinion about students well being on and around the campus. Students also reiterated the importance of incorporating additional cameras. 

Loren Brown, a junior pharmacy student, discussed why she liked the idea of more cameras around the campus and how drivers will be more aware of their driving. 

“I think the cameras will make the campus safer. It will improve the well-being of students because drivers will be more cautious.  The police can track down criminals that have committed these crimes while on campus grounds,” said Brown. 

On the public crime log for FAMU’s campus, data showed crimes committed on or near the university.

During this month alone, there have been trespassing warnings, grand theft, and battery crimes around the FAMU campus. With the additional cameras, FAMU PD will be able to catch criminals quicker than before. 

Brown was not the only student to like the changes around campus. 

Shelday Jules, a senior business administration student, talked about monitoring the crimes surrounding the campus.

“I think it is good to know who comes in and out of these areas. I think it could help solve crimes as well as decrease the amount occurring and monitor those coming into FAMU,” said Jules.

Following the news of the license plate readers and the efforts FAMU PD is making, Calloway also discussed what the university and FAMU’s police department were trying to improve.

“We are trying to improve the overall safety of our campus from anyone who wants to come to come onto our campus to commit crimes,” said Calloway. “We want our university to be a place where people can work, live, and play knowing we are doing everything we can to create the safest environment possible.”