Cohen and his Bossify brand going global

Florida Gators Wide Receiver Van Jefferson Signing Autographs In Bossify Clothing
Photo Submitted by Juba McCray

Cedrick Cohen started his clothing line two years ago, on Oct. 5, 2017. The Jacksonville native deserves to be added to the list of successful undergraduate entrepreneurs attending Florida A&M University.

Cohen has loved fashion since middle school and created his own designs that were relevant to the latest trends.

He decided against helping other designers get rich and opted to accumulate individual wealth, build an empire and be his own boss.

Being a student entrepreneur has helped Cohen tremendously.

He did not grow up wealthy. He is able to support himself and his siblings with the money that he makes from his business.

“If it was not for Bossify clothing line, I don’t know where I would be financially. I always knew if I didn’t take risks I wouldn’t win. So, I used my last $300 to invest into my clothing line.” Cohen said.

Bossify clothing is unisex and targets all age groups. The brand seems to be trending higher in young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. The brand consists of T-shirts, hoodies and sweat suits that range in sizes from small to 2-XL.

“I have to give credit where it’s due. FAMU taught me how to build my brand. Not only did FAMU teach me how to promote and advertise my brand, but also, how to start up my brand,” Cohen said.

Since the summer of 2018, Bossify clothing has gone global and can be seen sported by NFL and college athletes.

Cleveland Brown Star Receiver Jarvis Landry With Bossify Clothing
Photo Submitted by Juba McCray

Two-time Super Bowl winner Danny Amendola, Cleveland Browns star receiver Jarvis Landry, Seattle Seahawks defensive back Jeremy Boykins and Florida Gators star receiver Van Jefferson are a few of the celebrities who are helping to get Bossify’s image up.

The Bossify brand has increased in sales and has been popular ever since Van Jefferson wore it in a postgame interview/autograph signing.

Cohen said that it has had a chain effect; it all happened so fast. It went from the average college student wearing it at local campuses to college students and athletes on campuses around the country and now NFL players rocking his pieces.

“Make sure you get that Bossify, that junk go hard!” Jeremy Boykins says in an Instagram live video.

“Facts!!!!” Jefferson said behind him.

Everything is not as easy as it seems. Cohen says that he has difficulties and challenges as he learns the business while a full-time student.

He is learning to manage money more efficiently and has to make adult decisions at times. For example, he decided to not buy the newest iPhone or the latest shoes so that he is able to invest and grow his clothing line.

Bossify Clothing can be purchased on Instagram @ Bossifyco. Cohen also welcomes feedback and ideas that others may bring to the table. He can be contacted at 904-401-6289 or via Instagram @Bossifyco.