Campaign season underway on The Hill

Pictured is freshman attendant candidate, Kyra Freeney. Photo Submitted by A-chai’a Jackson

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) embraces campaign season by setting up decorative tables, posting graphics and engaging with the student body.

The candidates introduce themselves with humble salutations in front of the student body to earn respectability and potential votes. Jacksonville native, Kyra Freeney is running for Miss Freshman Attendant and is passionate about serving the comm

Pictured is freshman senate candidate, Artist Lewis. Photo Submitted by A-Chai’a Jackson


“I would like to be seen as human in the eyes of the freshman class of 2023. I think a lot of people in positions of SGA and organizations are portrayed as perfect. It is important to recognize that we all are human and we all are here for the same reason, which is to help our community,” said Freeney.

FAMU’s Student Government Association has set the precedent for creative campaigning and many candidates are following that tradition.

Passing out flyers, hanging up posters, setting up tables and presenting their platform are things that candidates sometimes struggle with. Because of other obligations, candidates can’t always campaign on their own.

Campaign teams walk around campus to help candidates gain exposure. They help them by reaching places the candidates can’t be and targeting all of FAMU’s different schools and organizations.

Pictured is Lewis’ campaign posted by FAMU’s set pushing to gain votes. Photo Submitted by A-Chai’a Jackson

Freshman senate candidate, Artise Lewis believes that an important part of campaign season is knowing your opponent’s weaknesses so that you can pick up where they are lacking. Although this is not all it takes to win, it shows your ambition to work for the cause.

“I am not afraid of competition,” said Lewis. “I am going to campaign and not sit down if my opponent does. You have to work 24/7 and I am competing for that first seat.”

After hearing from several candidates, a lot of emphasis was put on having a dependable campaign team of volunteers to get the job done effectively. A part of the job is to also have great communication skills to present platform points effectively.

FAMU’s SGA looks for leaders to perform well inside and outside of the classroom. Student body president, Rochard Moricette feels that candidates that remain genuine will have a good shot at winning the election.

“Student leadership across the board is a pressure-filled arena that is also a massive time commitment, so that is why those traits are important,” said Moricette.